Floor Jack Reviews


If you have a car or you’re working with car, you really need some tools. First, you will need to get to be able to repair the problem, the skills to perform work on a car. Even for smaller jobs like changing car oil, you should know what you're doing, either from experience or by getting a service manual for your own car or truck. Floor jacks enable you to reach under your vehicle securely and make the frustrating repair jobs easier.


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Hein-Werner HW93652 Blue Heavy Duty Service Jack

Without a doubt, the Hein Werner is one of the reliable manufacturers in the world. The only negative we could find with this jack reaches 5" minimal lift height it might be challenging to get under and use for exceptionally low profile automobiles, where case you'd be better placed picking the Arcan ALJ3T. We believe it is worth the additional price as you're getting an exceptionally safe, dependable, permanent, quality product and highly recommend this jack, in this case you truly do get whatever you pay for.


Arcan ALJ2T 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

The Arcan 2 Ton jack is absolutely outstanding product, and is our top pick as it pertains to deciding a top-of-the-line floor jack. This is a high quality all aluminum construction which makes it strong but light, weighing in at only 49 pounds. You are able to safely lift up to 4,000 pounds with this jack, which is made with metal that is solid for stability and the durability you expect. For security it is possible to trust, the Arcan XL2T is a jack that's intended for safety and operation.


Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Floor Jack

In case you don't want to pay the level of coin needed for the Arcan reviewed previously, Powerzone makes an excellent top quality option. The ability of the jack is 3 tons with a lifting range? At the minimal height to 18.25 at the most height. The Powerzone 380044 features a rent cushioned handle allowing an individual to easily create the leverage required to raise a car while still producing the jack extremely easy to stow when not in use. An extremely superb all round low profile flooring Jack that has massive value for money, a one year guarantee, light weight with rubber padding that is protective, combined with security overload mechanism means that is the prefect hydraulic floor jack for anyone on a budget.

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